The Personalized Nutrition Project

UX/ UI design
Mobile App design, Web design

The goal of the Personal Nutrition Project is to offer a science-based solution for maintaining healthy blood sugar levels and addressing global health challenges, including pre-diabetes and obesity.
In collaboration with the scientists from the Weizmann Institute of Science, led by Prof. Eran Segal and Dr. Eran Elinav, I designed the initial app and website helps individuals discover their ideal diet by analyzing their genetics, microbiome, and personal glucose response to food.

The Challenge

High blood sugar levels pose risks like type II diabetes and heart disease. However, individual responses to food vary. The challenge was to determine these personal responses and tailor dietary plans accordingly.

How it works

After iInitial blood sugar monitoring the user begins by recording their blood sugar levels over a week to assess personal food responses.
Users log in the app food intake, sleep patterns, exercise, and other activities during the recording week.

The solution

The platform offers personalized food response predictions, genetic insights, microbiome analysis, and automated diet planning for tailored dietary choices.
This project led to the foundation of  the DayTwo company and its service for individuals.

Thanks Helit, It was a true pleasure working with you! You have really transformed our website way beyond my expectations, and now about a year after the design and launch I can certainly say that the website has been a huge success. Within our academic world it really stands out with a unique, functional, and pleasant design, on which we received (or actually, you received) a great deal of compliments. The modular design was especially a great feature since this allows us to reuse layouts and design patterns in several places along the site. Many thanks again!
Prof. Eran Segal
Principal Investigator, Segal Lab of Computational Biology, Weizmann Institute of Science