Points of You

UX/ UI design
Web design, UX/UI, Marketing design
2015 - 2019

Points of You® is a pioneering company dedicated to creating innovative tools and training solutions for both personal and professional development. Their flagship product, 'The Coaching Game,' is a powerful and creative tool used by coaches, trainers, therapists, educators, and managers around the world. Available in 19 languages, it has become the preferred choice for individuals seeking personal and professional growth.

During my tenure with Points of You®, I had the privilege of collaborating on several impactful projects and digital product initiatives.

Digital taste of 'The Coaching Game'

One of the most exciting challenges was adapting the physical 'Coaching Game' and workshop experience into a digital format, fostering user-computer interaction. This undertaking required me to honor the existing brand identity, deeply rooted in real and sensory materials. Furthermore, I had to ensure that the digital experience encouraged users to slow down, take a pause, and fully immerse themselves, even to the extent of dedicating three minutes to listen to a musical piece, a hallmark of the game format. This was especially vital given the well-known tendency of online users to lose interest within mere seconds.

 Points of You® Academy

I designed marketing and content web pages, as well as an online management system catering to various personas. This comprehensive system accommodated the distinct needs and responsibilities of coaches, administrators, and country leaders, each with their unique access and roles within the platform.

Impact professional growth

These projects exemplify how my contributions to Points of You's mission have extended beyond enhancing digital presence and user experience. They have also played a vital role in driving the sale of Points of You® products and workshops, amplifying their reach and impact on personal and professional growth through innovative tools and training.

Collaborating with Helit proved to be an immensely helpful experience from the very first meeting. Her insightful questions, astute observations, and deep understanding of how to seamlessly extend our existing branding into the virtual world were invaluable.
Yaron Golan
Co-founder, Points of You