UX/ UI design
Mobile App design
Tale or Made

Twiggle uses natural language processing, machine learning, and ontological modelling to build eCommerce search technology that understands shopper intent and matches it with the products retailers sell online. I worked with PM Amit Knaani on ‘Tell or Made’ - a new concept reflecting Twiggle's mission to facilitate a digital shopping experience that feels a lot like the very best in-store shopping experience. 

I've worked with Helit couple of times, as part of my job 2 different companies. And each and every one of the experiences have been amazing. Helit is smart, creative, and just a pleasure to work with. Through all the stages of the process, planning, thinking, brainstorming, creative process, and execution. Helit also have great (and rare..) working standards. Always organised, reactive, nothing get lost. As someone who worked with lots of outsource designers - Helit is definitely one of the best!
Amit knaani
Exploration advisor, Twiggle | VP Product, Duda